Vidur Bharadwaj 3C

Vidur Bharadwaj- Master Of Green Sustainable Development

Vidur Bharadwaj is the man behind the green revolution in Delhi and NCR region. He is inspiring all real estate developers to develop green buildings using sustainable technologies. Green sustainable development is valuable for today's generation, as many natural resources are exhausted day by day. Vidur Bharadwaj 3C is constantly working in favor of nature conservation and his remarkable contribution to the green architectural industry is being appreciated all over the world.

Wipro, Gurgaon is one of those sustainable structures which is being developed by Vidur Bharadwaj 3C and is inspired by ‘haveli’ construction with courtyards and windows. He has broadly used the concept of courtyards, bigger windows, and other eco-friendly methods in his designs. Another installation, titled Green Boulevard, highlights the concept of a nature walk in the installation; one can see the inspiration from Mughal architecture in its beautiful design. He also utilized the grid system and proportions used in planning Fatehpur Sikri in designing the architecture for Tech Boulevard which is one of his major sustainable projects.

Vidur Bharadwaj was born and brought up in a family of architects. He completed his schooling and higher education at a highly famed institute in Delhi. He completed his schooling at Modern School and further studies at the School of Planning and Architect. Professionally he is the director of the 3C group and is currently based in Noida. His strong beliefs and creative mindset have made the 3C Group touch unparalleled heights of success within a significantly less period. He is constantly working toward developing green buildings to provide a safe and secure living environment for all people. He has contributed to India's largest Platinum and Gold-rated LEED-certified buildings in metro cities like Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, and Hyderabad.

Many such innovative ideas have been incorporated by 3C Director Vidur Bharadwaj in his designs & architecture, to deliver eco-friendly homes and commercial spaces to his clients. His energy and enthusiasm for creating green buildings, and sustainable in form, function, and use have enabled the organization to set very high standards and set benchmarks for others to follow in the Green Architectural industry. He has been constantly working as a green architect for the last three decades and continuously making improvements and innovations in the field. The irresistible work of Vidur Bharadwaj Noida has justified the importance of Green Sustainable Development in the field of real estate. According to him, green buildings are the future of the real estate industry.

The Artistic Brain of Vidur Bharadwaj

Vidur Bharadwaj, 3C is a futuristic sustainable developer based in Delhi and he is working in the space of building sustainable eco-friendly homes for the last thirty years. He has all the desired skills to make things happen in the 21'st century and he has got all the plans to make the Green Architecture industry successful. He is an inspiring personality who is creating a massive difference in the field of Green Architecture and is known in Noida as a green environmentalist and Artist.

His first Art Exhibition 'Soul in structure' where he communicated his desire for nature perhaps in the most elegant way on canvas. Each work of art shown in his presentation was communicating how the blend of nature and human exhibition can be able to do which nothing else can do in this world. Being a promising artist, his work on his canvas, surprised each audience in the show and how he had mixed green architecture and nature in such a perfect manner which is impressive. His selfless desire and his concern for the betterment of our ecosystem portrays in each painting in the show.

Vidur Bharadwaj: Writing the green success story in Indian Real Estate

Vidur Bharadwaj is a person who is known for his mastery of all the required skills plus his academic and professional records are enough to prove what he is capable of. Done his schooling at Modern School and graduates from the School of Planning and Architecture (Delhi), architect Vidur Bharadwaj sets very high standards of excellence for himself and always works hard to maintain and achieve his goal more proficiently. His knowledge and experience in the field of architecture are irreplaceable and he gives his 100% effort every time in every single project which is taken up by him. This is the reason why his success ratio in every project is merely 100%. Vidur Bharadwaj not only gives an artistic touch to the buildings but also develops them in an eco-friendly way. Projects like Green Boulevard (Noida), Knowledge Boulevard (Noida) and Spectral Services (Hyderabad) are a few of the most outstanding projects delivered by Vidur Bharadwaj 3c.

Neo-age sustainable development by Vidur Bharadwaj

Green Sustainable Design has achieved great success at a very rapid pace in the field of Real Estate construction and development in the last few decades. Significantly, this is a direct result of the endeavors of individuals like Delhi-NCR's own 'Green Man' Vidur Bharadwaj who has understood the need and benefits of green structures. Green Sustainable Structures help in maintaining the ecological balance by consuming less energy and saving other resources. Although the idea was new and unexplored, 3c director Vidur Bharadwaj take the challenge hands-on and work relentlessly for a better future for upcoming generations. green architect phenomena are to keep the environment pollution free, hence he has come with the idea of green building.

Vidur Bharadwaj: Sustainability is the key for any structure

Sustainable design is a new and exciting concept in the field of Green Architecture, it has existed in some form or another for centuries. With rising petroleum prices, pollution, and excessive energy demand in the early ’70s, green sustainable construction and development come into prime consideration. Very soon, it turns from option to necessity, the development of more energy-efficient technology, materials, and methods start getting attention across the globe. Environmental concern, which begun in the previous decade, also played a huge role in raising public knowledge about the impact of buildings on the ecology and environment. 3c director Vidur Bharadwaj takes the onus of building green sustainable buildings in Delhi/NCR.

Vidur Bharadwaj's Work Says it all

Mr. Vidur Bharadwaj, 3C Director has constructed one of the topmost IT industries in the world Wipro. The art of work at Wipro Gurgaon is worth watching. His artwork highlights the idea of the courtyard which has been an integral part of his outdated Indian architecture. The establishment has a wooden gateway to the artwork which shows a child sitting on the entry of the door which takes him to his memories of childhood in his grandparent’s home. The sun below on the left shows the various studies done to design the sustainable building Wipro Technology. The courtyard in the painting has one of the divider rises of the Wipro building enlivened from a haveli rise with greater windows on the base to tackle normal light on the lower levels and more modest profound windows on the upper levels for controlled daylight and sun.

Mr. Vidur Bharadwaj knows the use of green color and he uses it to save energy and water, use recycled materials and reduce environmental degradation. Unpredictable utilization of glass is a no-no, for instance, or possibly it should be superior glass that allows in the light which is not solar heat. The difference lies under the skin and it says it all. So Site orientation is essential to increase it on daylight while decreasing solar heat. He alongside his team tries to imbibe modern innovation and infrastructure into the designs they create. The team has planned the best real estate spaces in the field of Green Architecture.

Vidur Bharadwaj

One of the great Green Sustainable Modern Architectures of India, Patni Campus Noida is an example of Vidur Bharadwaj craftmanship. Mr. Vidur Bharadwaj, one of the most renowned Green architects. He has given sustainability, a whole new dimension where energy efficiency, low maintenance, and robustness are the main pillars.

Patni Campus

Vidur Bhardwaj has immense experience and knowledge in the field of green architecture. He has used his vast expertise in designing Patni campus and make it a big success.

Patni Campus, widely known as Patni Knowledge Center is located in suburban region of Noida. Thanks to the environment friendly concepts integrated into the design of this building, it is the second largest Platinum rated LEED Certified Green Building by IGBC, for Block A and Block B. The campus was also awarded GOLD rated LEED Certified Green Building, the highest recognition to be bestowed by the council. The structure has embraced landscaped beautiful courtyards with water bodies, plants and sculptures as visual nodes, which enhance and bind the space.

There was an attempt to incorporate sustainable development of the campus. The structure has been inspired by the traditional inward look – “The Havelli Plan”; the modest idea of simple straight line, low-key architecture in context with the surroundings, site and climate. Architectural and mechanical electrical strategies have been designed in a way to optimise energy consumption.

The front of the building opens up towards the courtyard, increasing the transparency. The elevation of the edifice has been inspired by the “Indian Havelli Jharokha”. The building depth captures natural sunlight in more than 75% of the of the occupied interiors and also maximises outdoor view. The exterior shade of the building helps to cut off heat from the sun and traps glare free light. The indoor water bodies cut the temperature of the interiors. It also gives a beautiful appearance to the interiors of the building. The courtyard is a light well, a microclimatic generator and a landscape element. The active and passive features of the building help in saving up to 40% energy of the campus when compared with the other buildings. This helped huge reduction of heat in the complex. Maximization of landscape areas and a substantial reduction in heat island effect. More than 50% of the land has been kept for the green to increase the porosity of the site.

The campus has embraced zero discharge development, rain has been harvested and used in the towers. The sewage water has been recycled and used for watering the garden and flushing. Solar water heating, drip irrigation and native and low water consuming plants have been planted for effective water management strategies. The car parking is at the basement and movement of the vehicle is ensured by the peripherals of the complex.


Mr. Vidur Bharadwaj, the Pro architect is one of the most revolutionary people in the field of sustainable design and green architecture. He has proven every time that conservative thinking, active use of technology and innovation, and limitless efforts can bring sensational results and transform our nature into a very much comforting place to live. A person who loves green will definitely love the essence of green technology as well plus the way to care for the environment in any of your jobs.

He has been contributing significantly for the use of sustainable green resources for more than 30 years. His superb skills and technical design has always received decent amount of applause. He was the one who proposed the concept of green building in India in the early 1990s. He has delivered some of the most successful sustainable residential and commercial buildings in the world.

As an architect, he is the one and only Indian who has got the achievement of delivering gold and platinum buildings in India. He is the 3C Director of Noida-based company which is harmonized with the surrounding natural forces and integrates with the local ecosystem. His company has always been a constant supporter of life and health and always brings refreshness to the body and soul.

This building connects us again and again with its amazing and original forces of life, the sun, the wind, the earth, and the water, and adjusts accordingly to the variations of the seasons. A company that always respects nature and cares for health. The new company building is deeply rooted in rural traditions and contains a wealth of information, which is increasing significantly related to the information of our time, helping us to remember the value of modesty and a sense of belonging to the land.

The Incredible Indian Influencer Mr. Vidur Bharadwaj

The power to influence the thought process and decision of others to make them change, this can make happen only because of his dedication, knowledge, hard work, resilience, respect and dignity with his audience is the right meaning of being an influencer. The majority of people often confuse it with money making process but being an influencer means more than that. A true influencer is someone who presents a unique point of view and has a different level of impact on society to spread positivity as well as create a Secure future.

Mr. Vidur Bhardwaj has proven to be an influencer in every positive aspect. Inspiring every architect to make up your mind towards the green and sustainable development in order to protect Mother Earth and avoid ecological imbalance. With his powerful vision & mission, he ensures day by day that not just the outcome will be positively efficient but the world will develop in the right direction and it will be full of peace and prosperity and that makes him the real and incredible Indian Influencer.

Vidur Bharadwaj, Architect - Redefining Green Architecture in India

The position of a green architect requires very professional knowledge and some special efforts for protecting the ecosystem. This market has a significant combination of knowledge and combining design elements and architectural theory with sustainable building practices, the long-term goal of a successful green architect is to build a structure that will be beneficial for the environment.

Mr. Vidur Bharadwaj has not just only raised the expectations of millions of people but has gone beyond the beliefs and imagination of every single person connected to the green development and gone on to build a successful architectural company.

The man who has changed the fortune of Delhi-NCR Real Estate Industry Mr. Vidur Bharadwaj has designed India's best structures depending on the core foundations for low-energy utilization, sustainability and nature-friendliness. As an architect, the 3C Director Vidur Bharadwaj is the green man of real estate who has designed World-class workplaces, residential and commercial projects. His designed structures have received LEED Certified Gold evaluated and Platinum appraised rating by IGBC. Being the face of Green Architecture industry, Mr. Bharadwaj has designed the most popular green buildings in India. Ventures like Wipro Campus Gurgaon, Patni Campus Noida, CSE Noida are some of the marvellous buildings who consumes less energy and nature-friendly.